Following a serious injury or contracting an illness, many people are left unable to return to their employment. Whether due to injury or illness, many people turn to their disability policy, into which they have paid substantial premiums, to replace the loss of income. Where your injuries arise from a motor vehicle accident, it is the disability insurer that is expected to pay benefits to replace your income before the accident benefits insurer has any obligation to pay income replacement benefits to you.

All too often, people are shocked and frustrated to find that their disability insurance company has denied their claim for disability benefits.  This denial can occur at the outset of your claim for disability benefits, or it can occur after a period of time during which you received benefits, without any notice. Where the source of the inability to work is not a motor vehicle accident, this can leave people without any source of income, as they cannot work.

Has your insurance company unfairly denied your claim for disability benefits to which you feel you are entitled? If so, it is important to consult a lawyer immediately to ensure your entitlement is protected and that you receive the full value of your claim. The long-term disability lawyers at Goodman Halioua LLP specialize in these claims and will provide a free, no obligation consultation, without delay.